About Klarälvsleden

Klarälvsbanan (the Klarälven trail), which is coated with asphalt, ends close to the forests surrounding Hagfors and Klarälvsleden (the Klarälven path) commences. You can follow the Klarälvsleden through Värmland's landscape from Hagfors and up to Sysslebäck. Examine the map for details about the trail.


The 120km of cycle path from Hagfors to Sysslebäck

Klarälvsleden is a 120km long cycle path through wilderness and forest roads in northern Klarälvdalen. The trail is natural and meanders along the old country roads, farms, meadows, large forests and villages, side by side with the powerful Klarälven. The surface is gravel and asphalt, Klarälvsleden is suitable for cycling and hiking.